Patient Portal

Access to the patient portal is available to any registered patient of this practice. You must first enroll by calling the office and providing your email address with the front desk assistant at extension 101. That information will then be entered into the electronic medical record. At that time an invitation should be generated and sent to you giving instructions on how to create a login and password. Please note: the invitation will give you the web address on how to access the patient portal. Please save this address for your future use. Once the login and password is entered please wait approximately 30 minutes for the system to process that information. We cannot use an email address which belongs to another party other than the patient unless that person’s name is on a consent to release information form.

Your next step is to log in to the patient portal. Click here to access the patient portal. Within the portal, you will be able to access your lab results, to review your history and physical, to update demographic information, and to complete forms needed to be processed or reprocessed with in our electronic health record.

The patient portal complies with all federal and state regulations and guidelines regarding protected health information available through electronic patient portals.